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Photo-Shoot of my Vermont Cabin/Shack for Mimi Zeiger’s New Book
June 10, 2010, 3:04 pm
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Catchin’ air in front of my deep-woods, Vermont Cabin

     Here’s a shot of me jumpin’ for joy after gettin’ word that Mimi Zeiger (author of the VERY awesome book “Tiny Houses” (just recently released and transribed in German and Spanish) was in need of photos of my Vermont cabin. Mimi, apparently, by the demand and success of her first book, had been asked by her publishers for a follow-up to what’s quickly becoming a tiny housing classic. You can check out her book here (and others)-

The Cabin's Interior (photos by Bruce Bettis)

 As for the beast itself, this steps-away-from-Canada, three-story, 250-square foot cabin, was built by myself and my younger brother (occassional “Tiny Yellow House” TV co-host), Dustin Diedricksen. I bought the land at age 22, in 2001, and over MANY summer weekends, when not busy hiking, fishing, and checking out all that VT has to offer, we pecked away at our “Backwoods Skyscraper”.

Anyway, two weekends ago, Bruce Bettis, of (“Has gun, will travel”- the guy is AMAZING- and has shot for many national musical acts, album covers, professional sporting events, newspapers…) came up with us for the weekend to photograph this little redneck compound of ours. We had twenty or so guests with us for the weekend, five dogs, and several hundred dollars worth of fireworks, courtesy, of Neil “Pyro” Malek, our cousin (who also has had a hand in the building of the cabin). Needless to say, especially with near-perfect weather, the weekend was incredible!

Again, Steven Sherrick of Obscure Knowledge Productions was up to shoot (this time with a crane/jib), and capture all that was going on for an upcoming edition of “Tiny Yellow House”- in which we’re in need of a few small sponsors (if you want to reach several thousand people!). Email me

MORE- MANY MORE- photos will soon be posted!


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Excited for more of those photos, the two look great! Cabin looks great man and congratulations!

Comment by Alex @TinyHouseTalk

TONS more coming…..and the video, or two….hopefully soon….

Also- on the way, solar cooking video, composting toilet video, book review (on tiny house books) vid, chicken coop video, and more…

Comment by relaxshax

That cabin is a good look. We hope to emulate your interior look in our cabin. Can’t wait to see the video. I need a tour of all three stories! Ours is on stilts too and a little wabbly in fact. How’s yours?

Keep it up!

Comment by Solar Burrito

Hey Burrito….
Yeah, being so tall, the cabin initially was a little wobbly, but after installing some screwed n’ glued knee-bracing in the front, the movement was controlled. We’ve since begun adding on a 12 by 16 foot pre-fabbed addition off the bank, which additionally helped keep the cabin well braced.

Comment by relaxshax

This is very cool. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing more pics of the cabin; I’ve been curious about the interior.

I can’t believe you bought the land when you were only 22. Well, I *can* believe…you get the idea. What made you decide to become a landowner at such a young age?

Comment by Kay in KCMO

[…] logs. Yet two projects, Michael Janzen's Tiny Free House and Derek and Dustin Diedrickson's Backwoods Skyscraper, stand out from the rest because they are not self consciously architecture with a capital A. They […]

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