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Roly West’s Cabin in Maine (with Sue and Norm Bergeron)- NEW VIDEO
June 6, 2010, 8:44 am
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     Here’s another brand new video for “Tiny Yellow House”- well, kinda, as this is another one that was shot spur-of-the-moment, on a flip-camera, which we had bought on impulse, 3 hours prior to this shoot! All in all, flip-camera’s do have their limitations (ie- the cameras are so small that its close to impossible to get a very steady pan-shot), but I’ve been having a blast shooting with this tiny little camcorder, and the picture quality (in HD) is pretty amazing, considering. So, overall, I’d certainly recommend them!

     Anyway, MORE videos are on the way- including many of the REAL-BUDGET ones with Steve Sherrick behind the helm. We have an episode of my Vermont Cabin that we just shot, another short on solar cooking with LOADS of info/demonstations from and another short no-budget film on a composting toilet I built- straight from the inspiration of the Joseph Jenkins tome “The Humanure Handbook”- which is a real fun read, believe it or not. Who woulda’ thunk a book on “poop” could be so interesting?

     Speaking of which, in thanks to those who have sent their genre related books, and micro-living releases this way, we also have a short video-book review episode on the way/in the works- real soon. Thanks to those that have sent their material in for review- I will repay you with any publicity I can, as I know how hard it is to get a book released and noticed these days. I’m especially looking for independently published, self-published material for review, as I have a soft spot in my heart for those kind of books.

And as always- we need small sponsors for these videos (the ones that we shoot on REAL equipment (a Sony Red Camera- HD)- so email me if you’d like to reach a TON of people (continually- as these videos will always be up there- unlike print media). In a little over 2 months now, we’ve had a collective 30,000+ views of these hokey little videos., which has far surpassed my expectations! Thank you!

I sunk a good chunk of money into rental equipment for an upcoming Jay Shafer- Tumbleweed Tiny House Company shoot (already completed)- which I’m sure will grab a huge amount of viewers over time, so if you can use that to your advantage (to promo your site, book, product, etc), and help me out at the same time, please email me. Without backers here and there, these videos would be impossible, as they do get costly at times. (PS- I won’t accept cigarette, tobacco, or any hugely unrelated or inappropriate sponsorships).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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that was stellar!…roly west it quite the old character…thx for sharing!…:D

Comment by heath cole

This was awesome! I thought the flip cam did a great job. (By the way, check your senorsell mail. You should have money. I wanna book!)

Comment by Lisa

book has just been sent- thanks again 🙂 -Derek

Comment by relaxshax

Thanks! I’ll be watching my mail.

Comment by Lisa

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