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Funktified! U.K. Beach Huts
May 18, 2010, 10:28 am
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I’m not one to usually repost something so soon that exists elsewhere on so similar (subject-wise) a blog, but then again, I really don’t think about it/care all that much either- its no competition afterall- so hats off to Alex Pino at (who has been ULTRA supportive of my micro-housing d.i.y. book) who found this cool site….


Talk about bad-arse! Love the wacky colors too, as each beach hut is built with unique colors, and differing trim-work apparently. You can check out a huge gallery of photos up on the official site here:

Beach Hut Interior

What more do you need for a vacation shack? From the various photos on James’ site, it looks as though some of these huts also might have lofts too.  Such a simple, yet good-looking, design- I just may have to tackle one of these some day for an episode of “Tiny Yellow House” TV. Once I get my 45 other projects finished, of course….

And I may have to fly my butt out to the UK again sometime to shoot some other cabin and micro-housing-related subjectmatterfor the show….its only a matter of finding some backers to cover the flight, etc- any takers?


Rented Spaces Interview AND a Redneck Bus/Bombshelter
May 17, 2010, 8:24 pm
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Here’s an interview I did a little ways back (that I forgot to post/blog on) for anyone interested in my yackin’ (as part of RENTED SPACES)

"Bombshelter? Or Redneck Septic Tank? (which, I suppose could still be considered the former...

And above is a pic that’s been floating around a bit online- kind of cool- and I’d love to build a little underground shelter at some point myself- once they invent the 42 hour day! Seriously though, I have some sketched out plans, and several ideas mapped out in my head and/or on greasy napkins (for my own work, that’s usually about as planned out as things get).

ALSO- Currently (and my wife’s gonna kill me!) I’ve begun working on yet another tiny cabin/shelter in my backyard- a mobile kiosk of sorts, for fairs, events, and what not, when I’ll be on the road in support of my book. Its ULTRA-SIMPLE (the intent) and coming out REAL well. Pix soon…


World’s Smallest Shantyboat/House Boat? “The Harmonica” (and Kid’s Book Update)
May 15, 2010, 9:58 am
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"Hey buddy, can't you read!? Its a NO-WAKE zone!" (The Harmonica Houseboat)

Ole “Pops Diedricksen” (my father Glenn) sent me this link a ways back (he’s as equally obsessed with boating, as I am with tiny houses/small living). My father’s nautical book collection could only be described as “floor-joist snapping”. He’s the only man I know who needs flying buttresses on his bookshelves to keep them from collapsing!

     Anyhow, this one’s from the site of Duckworks Magazine – a real cool boating/sailing site, and the creator of “The Harmonica” (or “The Ugly Duckling”) goes on to explain how to build it as well- “So super simple it seems!” (“yoda-speak”) 

And on the subject of Alliteration…..

 As for my interior-art promise for my newly released (super-small-run edition) of my tongue-twisting kid’s book “WILLIKER WUMBLY the Watermelon”, here ya go (and you can order it, and my micro-housing book from the left hand column of this blog).

Williker Wumbly Kid's Book (Derek Diedricksen)- interior art sample

Lake bouys (from garbage) and/or pool floats
May 14, 2010, 9:18 am
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Thought this was a cool little idea- and came across as I’ve been in the midst of making a little micro-shanty boat/raft boat out of 2-liter soda bottles (for its floatation/pontoons). “The High-Fructose Floater” is the name- based on a design that’ll eventually be in my next/follow-up, micro-housing book.

Plastic Water Bottle Lake Bouys- functional and good lookin'

Its looks as if this is simply a painted plywood disc, with bottles attached around it (I’d assume by screwing through their caps, and then rethreading the bottles back on). These would make for decent pool-candle holders for parties, or even floating drink carriers. Not sure how durable they’d be for lobster/crab trapping though, with rough seas, etc….

Still, a decent idea….

A Mobile Vintage Clothing Boutique- Haberdash (and the Shoestring Mag “Cloffice”!)
May 13, 2010, 9:57 am
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Got the tip on this from Melissa Massello of Shoestring Magazine (which ROCKS- check out this article on outfitting your closet into a working office- A “Cloffice”-     

Anyway, she turned me on to, and while I have about as much fashion sense as Larry The Cable Guy, I can appreciate a bad-ass idea, and an adventurous, entrepreneurial person when I see one…..

 Enter: Amy Lynn Chase

"BREWSTER" ain't got nuthin' on THIS "Punky"- An Exterior Shot of Amy's Traveling Shop

Apparently Amy, proprietor of “HABERDASH VINTAGE”, restored this airstream trailer herself, and outfitted it into a working, traveling, kick-butt, clothing store! Talk about curb appeal. She hits anything from festivals to flea markets, taking her entire shop with her, and is additionally involved with the brand new launch (another great idea!).

Her site/sites, give a schedule of where she’ll be appearing, and “Tiny Yellow House” just may have to try and film her for a future episode….and perhaps she can give me a fashion make-over, as I’ve gotten a recent sense that people have been snickering at my green plaid golf pants….and my pink “Member’s Only” jacket….


Solar Cooking n’ Small Living…
May 12, 2010, 10:17 am
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As always, I’m in the process of building, designing, and sketching, about 23.4 new projects/cabins/do-hickies, and most recently I set upon building a solar cooker, entirely built from TRASH (well, the spray paint did cost me, although later I found I had some extra laying around anyway).

So far (pics coming soon), it took me about 1 hour to build, and uses two thick sheets of stereo-cabinet glass I found on a curb, as well as insulated wood/sidewalls. Soon I’ll be running some tests on it in order to see what temperatures it will achieve- but unfortunately today is overcast and miserable here in MA.

All in all, I’ve cooked with foil-n’-cardboard rigged stoves before, but am setting upon creating a low-cost, more-serious option, and should have this unit done soon, for a future edition of “Tiny Yellow House” TV (scroll down to see recent episodes).

In the meantime, here’s a cool video tutorial (above), courtesy of, that shows the cooking of a 4 lb. chicken in a solar oven.

In terms of sustainably, and tiny living (the low dough lifestyle), I’d highly recommend looking into the avenues of solar cooking, solar hear, and solar hot water. Ya’ never know when you may be needing it!


And yes, many solar-tied cabins and shacks will be in my follow up book to “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” (still a long ways off!).

Here’s One (of three) of the latest NEW episodes of “Tiny Yellow House” TV
May 11, 2010, 10:25 am
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Here ya’ go. Warning: This episode’s a little off the beaten path (as compared to the other prior shows), but it was created to serve as a segue into what might later be a show called “Live From A Fort” (with interviews and guests (musical and non)- ALL based out of a 24 square foot garbage-constructed cabin- making it the smallest live musical venue EVER! Take that Letterman!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back on track with tiny house/micro-living subject matter in ALL upcoming episodes (such as one we’re filming with Jay Shafer of The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company) later this month. Oh yeah- still lookin’ for some backers (dang affordable too)- to help us keep this train a’ rollin’. Episode #1’s already way over 12,000 views in only 2 months!

We also have a kick-butt segment in the works about solar heat/energy/cooking- utilizing some factory made solar cookers I got from (which has a wealth of solar cooking videos) and converage on a “basement/d.i.y.” cooker I constructed myself (out of salvaged materials, of course!).

Here’s an outtake clip too- of me doing a drum solo…with a Meinl Doumbek I had recently picked up.