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Uses for Broken Glass? Readymade Magazine
May 28, 2010, 10:20 am
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Aside from Dan Akroyds “Bag O’ Glass” skit on Saturday Night Live, and the scene from Jean Claude Van Dammes “Bloodsport” where they dip the fighters’ hands in wax, and then in broken glass (yeowch!)- finding a use for this often discarded stuff is TOUGH!

Hey, if a Five-Year-Old, can do it....(recycled glass hot-plate)

Enter: Readymade Magazine who have been having a competition (a real cool idea), for the BEST uses for broken glass. Check it out their GLASSPHEMY contest, at

Anyway, the hot-plate, pictured above, is something (its dated on the back) that I made when I was five! lol. Its still working, in one piece, and REAL easy to make- especially if you made a mosaic, more-skilled, pattern with an array of more interestingly colored glass.

Its simply glass set into wet plaster of paris, in a used chinese-food tray (as the mold). Uber-inexpensive too!

I’m not going to win, nevermind even coming in 78th place, but figured the idea was neat, and simple enough, to share, as this tiny house blog goes hand in hand with recycling.


Also- this memorial day weekend, I won’t be around as much, so I’ll pick up on the blogging, come tuesday. Have a great weekend!


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When we started renovating our kitchen, there were a couple of windows that faced our enclosed back porch. It’s nearly 100 years old, and I think they just built on a bit at a time. We removed the windows, insulated the walls, and installed paneling. The windows ended up getting broken in the back yard. Boo! I saved the glass shards, painted the backsplash area behind the sink and countertop. Then we glued them on and grouted using a different color. Very cool looking and it formed a waterproof backsplash dirt cheap. Have a great holiday weekend!

Comment by Lisa

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