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Snail-art house in Mexico….(ferrocement construction)
May 27, 2010, 2:38 pm
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Mexico's Snail/Nautilus House

(Sorry to bury my youtube video post (NEW episode) so soon! Scroll down to the next most recent entry to check out some kayak-island-hopping in Maine, with some tiny cabins featured)

As for THIS bad-boy…..I’ve recently been pretty fascinated with the free-form building capabilities of ferrocement construction, and came across this little gem online just the other day. I’d have to say, THIS is one of the cooler, if not COOLEST houses I’ve seen. Talk about having a wild sense of imagination! -That, or a sizeable addiction to mind altering sustances…. Long ago, I sketched up a micro-housing plan/kid’s fort drawing for a Snail-looking cabin titled “Slow Livin'” (which’ll be available in my NEXT tiny houses/homes book), but it pales in comparison to this. LOVE IT! To the builder of this one, I salute you Sir/Miss!

The Author's Snail design (to be included in my in-the-works, follow-up book)

Mexico’s also home to the Richie Sowa Bottle Island- another one of the more interesting and/or free-thought construction-ideas out there! I’d gladly drop coin to tour either one of these- in a heartbeat.

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It makes me think of the kind of thing British artist Roger Dean did on numerous rock album covers in the ’70s for groups like Yes and Uriah Heep. I remember seeing a book of Dean’s work years ago that had photos of what seemed to be the interior of a house that mimicked his distinctive style.

Comment by tim gueguen

I know exactly what you’re talking about and will go check out more of Dean’s stuff right now. Thanks!

Comment by relaxshax

i always thought of cement as being grey and lifeless but since i have discovered ferrocement, whole worlds have opened up- the Nautilus House is inspiringly beautiful!

Comment by eogreensticks

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