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Unplanned Flip-Camera “Tiny Yellow House” Episode (well, kinda…)
May 26, 2010, 10:31 am
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NEW EPISODE….with a brand new design/cabin sketch from my forthcoming micro-housing book….

I scouted some land (a lake island) in Maine with my brother (with the intent of building a ultra-tiny 2 person, prefabricated sleep-cube on it), just last weekend. On the ride up, we impulse-bought a Flip Camera, and decided to try it out, chronicling our cabin-land-search. We shot a few lake cabins (one a really cool A-frame) and small house exteriors, AND shot a whole other INTERIOR episode on one of Balch Lake’s cabins (which you will LOVE, once I get it up and running).

All in all, THIS NEW VIDEO is a test-run of a lo-fi version of our show, and being happy, all things considered, with how the camera worked, we might shoot these lower resolution (still in HD, actually), hokier episodes as a tangent show called “The Suburban Redneck”- so as not to completely confuse people between the video-quality of the two shows. Who knows….or maybe we’re cool with confusing people.

Sadly though, although we were the very first offer on the land, and offered full price, the realtor skunked us, delayed putting in our offer, and apparently took the next (later) person in line who wanted to buy the two offered islands together, “sight unseen”. I think it was a case of blowing us off to consolodate paperwork on his endas he wouldn’t have made a massive percent off of such a small sale.

     May this dishonest, inconsiderate, money-grubbing realtor, and the new yuppies buying the land, get severe cases of poison ivy! Although I’m sure the new buyers have no idea any of this happened, so I’ll wish them a more mild case of poison ivy. Lol. Seriously though, I guess it wasn’t meant to be, and man oh man, its tough to find a good, honest, realtor these days. For those up in this region, lets just say that this realtor’s name, first and last, could very well be a McDonald’s breakfast menu item. As for the realty company, it very much so rhymes with “Goat And Cow”…..

Ah, I’ll probably just call the guy and company out soon enough, as they really screwed us and wasted our time.- then gutlessly let us down with an email, as opposed to any kind of phone call at all.

The trip was a blast though, and I’m not the kind to hold any kind of grudge (for much more than a decade or so…). Kidding…



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