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MY “FREE-osk” Kiosk….a mobile sleeping cube/cabin…
May 25, 2010, 2:32 pm
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     What with shooting several “Tiny Yellow House” videos lately (see the previous entry), working on a follow-up to my small homes book, taking care of my kids, and getting geared up to eventually head to my camp in VT (for yet ANOTHER show shoot) and some serious d.i.y. work, I’ve had little time to get the ball rolling on SEVERAL micro-shack projects I have lined up, but here’s one of ’em in its infancy stage (which, you guessed it, will be part of the follow-up book to “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”

    It doesn’t look like much now, but believe me, when done, it’ll be hard to miss- and obnoxiously eye-grabbing. The front opening is actually a huge recycled storm window, there will be an entry hatch from behind, several flip out/swing out shelves to display goods-for-sale on the exterior, a washing machine salvaged door/window, and a later-added foot-space extension (either built from wood, or a 55 gallon barrel), so that the rolling shelter (on “curb-culled” bicycle wheels) , can be sleepable, if need be.

Truth be told, the plywood wasn’t free, but all else (esp. the interior frame wood- all forklift pallet and free “junk” wood), was- so this shack’s name is a misnomer of sorts- and will change, once I get a better one. “The Boxy Lady”? Anyone? Anyone? (cricket….cricket…)

PS- those Ryobi batteries keep crapping out and not holding a charge- what the heck? Its my second pair of them too, and they’re not even that old! Grrrrrrr….. I take good care of ’em too- temperature/storage-wise and all.



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