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Jay Shafer of the Tiny Tumbleweed House Company on “Tiny Yellow House” TV
May 23, 2010, 10:21 am
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A Jay Shafer ENESTI Tumbleweed spin-off/alteration home....

So….after getting back from a mere 16 hour excursion in Maine and New Hampshire with my brother Dustin “The Goon” Diedricksen, to shoot TWO spur-of-the-moment “Tiny Yellow House” segments (one on a tiny lakeside cabin YOU’LL LOVE (The West/Bergeron Cabin), the other on micro island-hopping (and cabin peepin’) and checking out a prospective tiny piece of land we might buy to build a micro-cabin on), I’m off in mere hours to shoot an interview with Jay Shafer, as he’s in town (Boston) for his seminar/classroom tour.

     Oh yeah, played a gig with my band Age Against The Machine Fri night too….so, we’ve been through 3-4 states all in 48 hours- with THREE shows shot! Sleep will have to wait. BIG thanks to Mike Amato of Jordom Pictures, who is being hired out for this Shafer shoot, as Regular Steve Sherrick (Obscure Knowledge Productions), is on a film shoot in Philly gettin’ his cheesesteak on!

A fully functional micro kitchen inside the ENESTI

Anyway, looking forward to it (the Shafer Shoot)- and he seems like an incredibly friendly guy, so it should be real fun as well. We’ll hopefully have it up online for you soonish- once I get a few more ultra-tiny-affordable backers for the show, who want exposure to thousands and thousands of people (so that I can pay for the equip. and cameraman, etc)- as always, if interested, Heck, maybe we can work you into all THREE upcoming shows. In some cases/shows its only $75 a spot to get word out to ALOT of people.


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