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My hand’s on fire! Solar Cooking/Heat 101 With My New Rig…
May 20, 2010, 9:59 am
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Hot Pot cooker from here's a case where SOLAR GLARE in a photo is actually a GOOD thing (it means this lil' sucker's working!)

So I recently picked up a solar cooker “The hot pot” (from – which comes with a multi-sided, foldable, aluminum reflecting cradle, in which you sit a double walled (one nested within another) cook pot.  I do have to say, as it sits outside my house right now, doing all the work, I’m VERY impressed with its quality and ease of use. Right out of the box, I was set-up and running in literally, 60 seconds, and for once(!), as opposed to what you see online, the product was actually WAY BETTER built and more durable than what I had expected.

The HOT POT has only been sitting in my front yard for 30-40 minutes now, and when I went outside to check it, and touched it- YEOOWCH! It was hot as all “heck”! So seems like its working REAL well (and presently cooking a 3 pound pot roast for tonights dinner- which other wise would take 3 hours of electicity(!) in the oven).

As I keep messin’ around with solar cooking (and its ties to low-impact (low dough) living, I’ll be harpin’ in to let you know the progress. I’ce additionally completed my own hokey, homemade solar cooker (complete with a $1.00 tag sale mirror), which I’ll post more on, after I toy around with it a little. Ultimately, the homemade cooker will be built into my new micro-shelter creation (on its roof). Here’s one of the stage-shots of the cooker (which’ll yup, probably find its way into my NEXT micro-housing book).

Homemade Solar Cooking Rig (in the works)- made from TRASH/leftovers

This cooker above (now almost complete) was made for under $10.00 (actually, a grand total price of under $6.00!). All the wood is from salavaging/dumpster-diving/curb-culling (Hey, I think I just coined a new term!), and the two glass plates that will cover the cooker were grabbed from the roadside as well (old glass doors for a stereo/soundsystem rack). So far, when testing it, WITHOUT the reflective mirror, and without yet sealing/gasketing the way the glass sits (to prevent heat loss), this oven has reached 225 degrees- so I have some work to do- but am looking forward to the challenge.

And remember, the EASIEST solar heat utilization of all (save electricity and money) is to line dry your clothes! Try it- even just a few times this summer! And spread the word….