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Funktified! U.K. Beach Huts
May 18, 2010, 10:28 am
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I’m not one to usually repost something so soon that exists elsewhere on so similar (subject-wise) a blog, but then again, I really don’t think about it/care all that much either- its no competition afterall- so hats off to Alex Pino at (who has been ULTRA supportive of my micro-housing d.i.y. book) who found this cool site….


Talk about bad-arse! Love the wacky colors too, as each beach hut is built with unique colors, and differing trim-work apparently. You can check out a huge gallery of photos up on the official site here:

Beach Hut Interior

What more do you need for a vacation shack? From the various photos on James’ site, it looks as though some of these huts also might have lofts too.  Such a simple, yet good-looking, design- I just may have to tackle one of these some day for an episode of “Tiny Yellow House” TV. Once I get my 45 other projects finished, of course….

And I may have to fly my butt out to the UK again sometime to shoot some other cabin and micro-housing-related subjectmatterfor the show….its only a matter of finding some backers to cover the flight, etc- any takers?


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Aren’t they great? I love how each one has its own uniqueness. Talk to you later Deek!

Comment by Alex @TinyHouseTalk

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