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Rented Spaces Interview AND a Redneck Bus/Bombshelter
May 17, 2010, 8:24 pm
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Here’s an interview I did a little ways back (that I forgot to post/blog on) for anyone interested in my yackin’ (as part of RENTED SPACES)

"Bombshelter? Or Redneck Septic Tank? (which, I suppose could still be considered the former...

And above is a pic that’s been floating around a bit online- kind of cool- and I’d love to build a little underground shelter at some point myself- once they invent the 42 hour day! Seriously though, I have some sketched out plans, and several ideas mapped out in my head and/or on greasy napkins (for my own work, that’s usually about as planned out as things get).

ALSO- Currently (and my wife’s gonna kill me!) I’ve begun working on yet another tiny cabin/shelter in my backyard- a mobile kiosk of sorts, for fairs, events, and what not, when I’ll be on the road in support of my book. Its ULTRA-SIMPLE (the intent) and coming out REAL well. Pix soon…



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if the bus had an engine etc it seems like a waste to me, would much rather convert it into a house on wheels.

doesn’t there need to be soil on top?

Comment by Matthew

in true redneck fashion, where nothing is wasted, I’m sure the engine was shot, or removed beforehand, and this use of the bus was a last-resort. I don’t think its actually a bombshelter- although, yes, with some more layering/dirt/concrete, it could become one. But anyway, I kind of assume the bus had no engine and no longer ran- otherwise, yeah, it would be a waste (although a bus gets what, 7 mpg? So then again…)

Comment by relaxshax

Where is this at? I sort of remeber seeing something similar to this growing up in OH, Butler County.

Comment by Dennis Webb

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