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World’s Smallest Shantyboat/House Boat? “The Harmonica” (and Kid’s Book Update)
May 15, 2010, 9:58 am
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"Hey buddy, can't you read!? Its a NO-WAKE zone!" (The Harmonica Houseboat)

Ole “Pops Diedricksen” (my father Glenn) sent me this link a ways back (he’s as equally obsessed with boating, as I am with tiny houses/small living). My father’s nautical book collection could only be described as “floor-joist snapping”. He’s the only man I know who needs flying buttresses on his bookshelves to keep them from collapsing!

     Anyhow, this one’s from the site of Duckworks Magazine – a real cool boating/sailing site, and the creator of “The Harmonica” (or “The Ugly Duckling”) goes on to explain how to build it as well- “So super simple it seems!” (“yoda-speak”) 

And on the subject of Alliteration…..

 As for my interior-art promise for my newly released (super-small-run edition) of my tongue-twisting kid’s book “WILLIKER WUMBLY the Watermelon”, here ya go (and you can order it, and my micro-housing book from the left hand column of this blog).

Williker Wumbly Kid's Book (Derek Diedricksen)- interior art sample