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Lake bouys (from garbage) and/or pool floats
May 14, 2010, 9:18 am
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Thought this was a cool little idea- and came across as I’ve been in the midst of making a little micro-shanty boat/raft boat out of 2-liter soda bottles (for its floatation/pontoons). “The High-Fructose Floater” is the name- based on a design that’ll eventually be in my next/follow-up, micro-housing book.

Plastic Water Bottle Lake Bouys- functional and good lookin'

Its looks as if this is simply a painted plywood disc, with bottles attached around it (I’d assume by screwing through their caps, and then rethreading the bottles back on). These would make for decent pool-candle holders for parties, or even floating drink carriers. Not sure how durable they’d be for lobster/crab trapping though, with rough seas, etc….

Still, a decent idea….


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Cute! I wonder if the centers could also be made from circles of styrofoam with the bottles hot glued on…or attached by some other means. That would get rid of even more trash.

Comment by Lisa

Not sure if the glue would hold in a wet environment, or if the styrofoam would just break off at the attachment point though- but who knows….the more ideas the merrier!
I suppose (not as pretty), you could always simply repurpose some styrofoam peanuts by shoving the into a 2 or 3-liter soda bottle, and using it as a stand-alone bouy. This way, if the plastic ever springs a leak- it’ll still stay afloat.

Comment by relaxshax

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