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Solar Cooking n’ Small Living…
May 12, 2010, 10:17 am
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As always, I’m in the process of building, designing, and sketching, about 23.4 new projects/cabins/do-hickies, and most recently I set upon building a solar cooker, entirely built from TRASH (well, the spray paint did cost me, although later I found I had some extra laying around anyway).

So far (pics coming soon), it took me about 1 hour to build, and uses two thick sheets of stereo-cabinet glass I found on a curb, as well as insulated wood/sidewalls. Soon I’ll be running some tests on it in order to see what temperatures it will achieve- but unfortunately today is overcast and miserable here in MA.

All in all, I’ve cooked with foil-n’-cardboard rigged stoves before, but am setting upon creating a low-cost, more-serious option, and should have this unit done soon, for a future edition of “Tiny Yellow House” TV (scroll down to see recent episodes).

In the meantime, here’s a cool video tutorial (above), courtesy of, that shows the cooking of a 4 lb. chicken in a solar oven.

In terms of sustainably, and tiny living (the low dough lifestyle), I’d highly recommend looking into the avenues of solar cooking, solar hear, and solar hot water. Ya’ never know when you may be needing it!


And yes, many solar-tied cabins and shacks will be in my follow up book to “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” (still a long ways off!).


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Make me a Solar Burrito Cooker so my name can be more meaningful! Now I’ll watch your video to see if I can make one myself… Still waiting for the veggie oil heater video… sorry to be so demanding but I speak for all your fans when I say Keep on Keeping on!

Comment by Solar Burrito

workin’ on it my man….
too funny…

Comment by relaxshax

My husband’s cousin and her family made a large capacity solar oven out of a dresser and some picture frames. It can bake a dozen loaves of bread at a time. She posted about it on her blog at

Comment by Heffalump

she’s got a great site- and that bread she bakes is art= literally…
thanks for the head’s up!

Comment by relaxshax

It can be hard to catch good solar cooking days in Massachusetts this time of year.

Comment by dt king

party pooper! Kidding….
No, MA this time of the year IS tough….but I’m messin’ around with the cooker regardless (once I get a rainless day! lol). Thanks

Comment by relaxshax

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