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Glass House in Christiana (Copenhagen, Denmark)
May 6, 2010, 2:29 pm
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This hippied-out area of Copenhagen seems incredible, and I was thrilled to have one of its residents order my micro-housing book a little ways back.

     Anyway, Katherine Sharpe (of Readymade Magazine- which is one of my favorites) seems to have a great eye/ear for small-house related finds, such at this one here:

"For the last time, you darn kids go play baseball somewhere else!!"

Katherine/Readymade has a cool write-up on the region, which you can check out here:

And for ten billion other cool blogs from this woman who never sleeps, hit up this link:

Never met her, but have emailed with her in the past and she seems the real deal- A laid back, down to earth, creative-as-hell, individual.

"Rhubarb always throws me for a loop. Visually, I think I'm about to bite into a celery pie, but it tastes worlds away from it (thankfully!).

Also- uber-randomly (and so much for any “rock and roll” image I might have had)- I baked, completely from scratch, my first ever rhubarb pie (from my garden) the other day. Well, my first ever PIE actually. And man, oh man, did it come out kick-arse. Simple too. Here’s the recipe link: (and I added extra brown sugar, and some sugar-cinnamon).

RHUBARB PIE (NOT strawberry/rhubarb)-,1937,149173-250204,00.html

-Deek (oh yeah, the new “TIny Yellow House/Live From A Fort” videos are now up on youtube and I’ll post the links soon.


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Aw, thanks for the shout-out! I am the real deal. It’s totally true. : )

Comment by Katherine Sharpe

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