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A kid cabin, that could be tweaked for adult use…
April 25, 2010, 8:19 am
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     Well, aside from the obvious fact that you’d literally fry in the sun inside this thing (unless situated in the shade), I do find it to be a cool little, ultra-simplistic design, and one that could be built in a day or two with many (or ALL) salvaged materials. The hardest to find FREE would be the metal roofing, although not impossible.

Its doesn't get much simpler than this one- and it'd be beyond easy to build, even on remote sites.

Again, Episode #3 of “Tiny Yellow House” for is sloooowly in the editing process, so hopefully we’ll get it up soon (we had a TON of footage to sift through). Jay Shafer of The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company is also being interviewed in an upcoming episode later in May.


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i am confused, on a site i found while looking for r.crumb sculptures, i ran across an eppisode of tiny yellow house where you introduce the hick-shaw….and you refer to, but now this space is called relaxshax….so which is it?….shacks or shax?….. another link i followed that was shacks…brings me to this again…..please advise….thanks…thanx

Comment by dlhlane

both and are one and the same…..two domains for the same place (with different spellings)….both tied to the video series (based on my book). Thanks for checkin’ all out…

Comment by relaxshax

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