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The Vegetable Oil Heater/Stove in the TINY YELLOW HOUSE TV episode…
April 15, 2010, 10:40 am
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Thanks to all who have checked out (scroll to the other most recent entry below) the latest edition of “Tiny Yellow House” TV. As of my last check, we’ve received over FIVE THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED views in a mere 48 hours or so.

The Vegetable Oil Cabin Heater. Since I go through cymbals like toiler paper, I incorporated/re-used one as a heat reflector in this stove design (my VT cabin utilized a CAR hood from a junkyard).

 (If you want sketches/details/material lists on this stove, read on further below)

First, a huge thanks, again, is owed to Stuart Pollack, at, who more or less made the episode possible, by helping out and backing what I do. I’ve planted some of his seeds some time ago as well, and they’re doing GREAT! Update/photos to come…..and yes, we’re still looking for people to help back some future, already slated episodes, so we can afford gear rental, and so on. for info.

Upcoming- Solar Cooking/heat episodes, one with Jay Shafer of the Tiny Tumbleweed House Company, another on a brand new Clark Junglehammock ( ) I picked up (the thing’s awesome!!!- its a tree-hanging TENT!), and perhaps one on Martha’s Vineyard and the gingerbread cottages over there.

Anyway, thanks to all the people who emailed, most inquiring about the Vegetable Oil Heater (woodstove alternative) in my little cabin (“The gypsy junker”). Several readers from Michael Janzen’s, and from Kent Griswold’s contacted me, asking for more details on the stove.

Long story-short, we initially planned on shooting the stove in more detail, but with time and budget constraints (I had to squeeze TWO shows into one day), we had to put it off until later. But, all along we have planned on doing a more-detailed shoot on this tiny, ALL-JUNK heater….so we’ll get crackin’ on it, once we get some time.

Kent Griswold has also, graciously, gone so far as to ask me to be a guest writer for his site, where I’ll soon post sketches, and a detailed run/listing of how this little hunk-o-junk was created- MacGuyver Style!

So, keep checkin’ back- AND, as the schematics of the stove were intially planned to be released in my follow up book (to “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”), for any of those who order my existing book in the meantime (and ask/remind me)- i’ll add the addendum drawings and plans for this stove, in thanks- even though they were meant for a future tome.

The book can be ordered with the info on the righthand column of this site…




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This looks like a tiny version of the WVO heater on the net. I can’t wait to see your take on the tiny version Deek!

Comment by Red Icculus

Never heard of the WVO- thanks- I’ll have to go check it out. Take care

Comment by relaxshax

How do I get details/plans for making the Vegetable Oil Cabin Heater?

Comment by J Falk

Hey J,
I have some sketches and explainations of the heater now (which were slated for my follow-up, book), but for anyone who orders my current book, etc- I’ll make sure I include them. Eventually, I’ll try to post some more info and photos on the heater here and there too. Thanks

Comment by relaxshax

Very cool stuff. I’m looking forward to more posts/videos.

Comment by Mike

Nice post, thank’s for sharing with us

Comment by Manize

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