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BRAND NEW- Episode #2 of Tiny Yellow House TV (the gypsy junker shack/cabin)
April 13, 2010, 11:12 am
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Shot from Episode #2 of TINY YELLOW HOUSE TV....


Here ya’ go! The follow-up episode is now up and running. Again, MEGA thanks to Stuart Pollack of (a good man, with a great company) for all his help, backing, and expert advice- which will play into a few future episodes- already in the works. If you’d like the help/back/sponsor these videos/shoots and reach TENS OF THOUSANDS of people in the longrun….email me at . These vids get dang expensive, so we need the support to keep it happening, and in turn, will make sure you get a TON of new exposure to whatever you do.

Again, any authors (esp. INDIE ones)- we’ll soon be incorporating related-book reviews into future episodes, so shoot me an email if you’re looking for some possible coverage.



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Great job on this video Deek. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Alex

deek, how did you build the vegetable oil heater / any info is appreciated.


Comment by frank

Sweet house! Would you please explain how you constructed the waste vegetable oil heater? Thanks and great show!

Comment by Mark

hey Mark- I’ve had so many people ask the same thing that I think down the road I’ll be doing a video just on the heater, and Kent Griswold of asked me to host a guest article/post talking/explaining it- which I’ll do real soon….

Comment by relaxshax

I enjoyed Episode 2, Deek! Nice overview of the Gypsy Junker and entertaining commentary as well. Looking forward to Episode 3.

Comment by Rick

Nice video! I embedded it on my blog and put a few links back to yours. Keep it up, you got some serious hosting skills.

Comment by Solar Burrito

hey thanks- love your site by the way- and thanks for the add!

Comment by relaxshax

Once again, you rock. Your videos = AWESOME.

I would love to see you build some permanent small-structure underground stuff, since they’re a lot more eco-friendly than above-ground (if you’re not moving them around, like your shacks) etc. and I think you’d be amazing at it…

Comment by Math Campbell

Loved it! Keep up the creative genius. And please do give the details about the little cooking oil heater.

Comment by Lisa

Just found this site whilst browsing for research on sheds! Am over here in UK, and am proud owner of a shed in the garden….albeit a common all garden one, being a female, have ‘dun it up’.
Really think ‘pallet ‘shed is brill! Locally we have a group of folk who run an eco place called The Green Place, and their business name is ‘Complete wasters’….great name!
Anyway they would love all your wacky stuff….if I remember will let them know of your site.
PS. despite my age….50+, yeah it comes to us all! I love all this stuff!

Comment by Barbara

thanks barbara- and please DO pass on the word- thanks so much! I’ll check them out online too…

Comment by relaxshax

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