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A NEW sketch (of many) for another tiny house/living book (in the works)
April 7, 2010, 2:28 pm
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Its the same format (mostly-with some improvements in clarity, layout, etc.) as my currently available book (See photo in the left column of this page), but I’ve already been long at work on a follow-up to my independently released, trash-funded, book on cabins/forts/shacks/cottages, and tiny homes/houses. And again, inspirationally it owes alot to, and should be right up the alley of fans of David and Jeanie Stiles, Lloyd Kahn, Lester Walker, Dan Price, Jay Shafer of The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, D.C. Beard, Gregory Johnson, Michael Janzen, and so on…

One of the goofier, less-serious entries in my in-the-works follow-up book. Don't worry, I'll have plenty of less-FORTy shacks, shelters, and cabins too!

Hey, if you happen to order my current book- I just may toss in some brand new, unreleased addendum-drawings, if you ask me.
And I’ll be droppin’ some new designs and sketches in this blog here and there…but not TOO many so as to spoil the book…

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Hey Derek. Sign me up for one of your new books when it is available. I enjoyed the first one and glad to see that you are continuing to write another while producing your videos.
Keep up the good work.

Comment by DanT

just saw your video on make and have to say nice video, love the hickshack and very inspiring! now checking out the rest of your site. keep making the good stuff!

Comment by Oh Kathy

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