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TINY YELLOW HOUSE PRESS- Now releasing a children’s book…in limited numbers (VERY limited)
March 31, 2010, 2:59 pm
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"HERE'S THE COVER, WITH 'OLE WILLIKER HIMSELF- The book is part children's tale/part PHYSICAL CHALLENGE- as I've NEVER come across as tongue-twisting a story (and one so MASSIVELY laden with Alliteration) as this one. Good luck (you might want to have your smelling salts on hand!)."

Er….yeah, its not so tiny house related, but it does feature my vermont cabin!

My Cabin in VT- built by myself, my brother Dustin, and my Wife, Liz...

I’ll also post some interior art shots of the kid’s book soon, as I realize that few people want to buy a book based on its cover). I’m just swamped right now, and preparing for a recording session on drums with a certain rock singer who at one time fronted a HUGE band with the intials “VH”. I’ll prob post on it sometime next week. I’M BEYOND PSYCHED- as this guy will be singing lyrics I wrote- which is a little surreal….

ANYWAY, I’m now releasing my long-ago written (Well, like 3 years back), and fully illustrated Kids/Children’s book through my own indie micro-print “Tiny Yellow House Press”  (“Williker Wumbly-( Tale Of A Traveling Watermelon)”). I just got it printed up in a VERY small run as I realize few people will be willing to give an indie children’s book a try- BUT… if anyone’s interested, its a mere $6.95 (+$2.40 S+H). Add an extra $0.60 if using paypal. The run is numbered and all copies are signed.

      Small House-wise: My Vermont cabin/shack makes a clandestine appearance in the book- as well as some other find-em-if-you-can gems. The book is one of the more terrifically and torturously-tongue- twisting travel tales you’ll EVER read. ‘Meant to be so…so again, prepare to be tripping over your own tongue as you read it.

BACKSTORY (here to now): “Williker Wumbly” is also the catalystic reason I decided to go and release my housing book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here!”) on my own (and glad I did- as its sold pretty “dang” well). “Williker Wumbly” was my introduction to the world of publishing, where I soon found out that no-one cares, unless you’re ripping off and re-writing an already existing fairy tale (the websites of some publishing companies actually ASK for those type submissions ONLY!), you’re already some celebrity with both feet in the door, or you get extremely lucky in this awful economy (where fewer and fewer people, sadly, read books at all). On top of it all, unless you have a paid for agent (that’s all it takes to get one- a wallet), your book, even if mailed in, will not be looked at, or considered.

And the thing is, I’m not saying that mine’s in this category, but some of the BEST books I’ve EVER read (heck, MOST of ’em), and some of the very best bands I’ve heard (who sadly never went anywhere), were 100% indie and underground.

So, ahem….back on track, I’m goin’ it alone again- and trying to slap ’em back from a one man stance…watch ’em squirm, make ’em pee their pants…(sounds like the beginning of a hip-hop tune I should pen…hmmm…..)

Purchase-wise, my paypal id/name is– and since the book releases are numbered- who knows, yours may some day be worth something (in trade for a piece or two of stale Bazooka gum, perhaps!). All copies are signed too, but I think I already stated that, and that might actually LESSEN the books value, so I’ll shut up now….

My book/mailing address are in the lefthand column of this blog’s homepage….or if illegible (the program displays the address in a bizarre-light color- email me at

Thanks! More d.i.y. books on the way too!


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nice spruce in the front yard.

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