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The Clarence Schmidt House- and a small scale imposter?
March 26, 2010, 2:41 pm
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I’m back in the saddle again! Sorry for the blog-update delay folks, but I’ve been real busy plannin’ and getting the next two episodes of “Tiny Yellow House TV” for ready (which mostly consisted of FINISHING my “Gypsy Junker” cabin/shack, so that it’ll be close enough to show worthy. With two kids, another follow-up small housing book in the works, yet another side-tangent book, a regularly giggin’ band, and much more, its not so easy to find the time.

I LOVE the stacked-up, hokey factor of this one- I took this shot in China, Maine last summer. I've always loved this "shacky" looking house- which is merely 2 FEET from the water's edge!

ANYWAY, Episode’s #2 and #2 are going to be backed/sponsored (well needed) by a variety of people, ranging from (just featured in Mother Earth News Magazine too (conrgats Stuart!)), The Sand Bar (an ultra-cool/tiny LIVE rock venue in Lynn, MA), Sakura Of America Pens and Supplies (who sponsor my art/books now), and more…..

Still need people (REAL cheap) for other upcoming shows- I have wayyyy too many things to film, but few funds to do it.

And lets end on this note….the Clarence Schmidt house in Woodstock, NY which burned to the ground many, many years ago. What I would have given to tour through this beast! Made of nothing but salvaged junk. Its just BEYOND COOL! It would have been the perfect setting for “The Hills Have Eyes”- Part 3!


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I am olde enough that I did have the good fortune to visit Clarence’s “House of Mirrors” and the surrounding “Silver Forest” multiple times. It was every bit as strange as it seems! Ah, I can STILL smell the roofing tar and hear the aluminum foil rustling…

Comment by Uthaclena

wow- I would have killed to see the place….you have any photos?
Thanks for the comment/email…

Comment by relaxshax

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