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Toss in a few musty novels, a bottle of red wine, some jazz records- and voila! -Heaven.
March 8, 2010, 9:44 pm
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First- Thanks to Queen O’ The Blog Scene Katherine Sharpe of Readymade Magazine, who just did an online write-up for my new web/tv series kick-off “Tiny Yellow House”- and to Mimi Zeiger (also a writer from Readymade). Those two are too kind, and have been super-mega-spectacularly supportive of my book and weird projects! CHECK: AND

Otherwise….I Just love this photo of a tiny, tiny house/shack in who-knows-where, and I wish I could remember the photo’s source (perhaps -a great site). But to me, its almost picture perfect of “what relaxation is” -personified.

"The tiny red trimmed house from nowhere"

And as for the “musty novels” title- I have always loved the smell of used paperback stores, ever since my days shufflin’ around “The Book Swap” in Guilford, CT. My father Glenn built all their shelving when I was a kid, and the Lipton’s who owned the place, often let me pick out a book to bring home. Good Memories. Boss Pizza n’ Musty Novels. I guess the place is still there (sure hope so). There’s not enough hours in a lifetime for the books I’d love to read, and I’m still not even HALF sold on downloadable books- it just strikes me as a cheap, hollow, imitation (at the expense of angering its supporters-sorry!). Maybe I’m just a young-ish, old fashioned guy. That, or just damn stubborn.



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Boss Pizza has the best tuna grinders!…. and foxon park soda, a CT classic! You should make windows out of their larger (and clear) soda bottles. They have a pretty nice girth to them and would let in alot of light. Just a side thought. Keep up the good work boss!

Comment by El Jefe Pizza Hombre

You should also know you’re on

Love the video, was very very well done (and I’m speaking with my Graphics Designer/Film Editor hat on there), you’re great on cam, so whether you’re just natural, or that was take 327, well done.
I’m with you on the eBooks. Part of me loves them, but I think we’re all waiting for the “killer” reader for them, and nice though it is, the iPad ain’t it (backlit LCD doth not a good e-reader make)…
You forgot the cheap import lager though. What sort of reading-shack and pizza-eatery is complete without the ubiquitous strangely-named french or german 2.2% lager??!

Keep up the good work.

Comment by Math Campbell

Hey thanks man- appreciate it- I had some directorial/design in alot of the shots, but most of it/camerawork (and the editing execution is all the credit of Obscure Knowledge Productions (Steven Sherrick)). The guy’s awesome- and FAST! Thanks again!

Comment by relaxshax

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