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The Dynamic, Determined Duo of Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen (and their tiny beach home/cottage)
March 7, 2010, 1:01 pm
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As promised….Here’s “D n’ D’s Seaside Abode”-and it will most likely be one of the next and “LARGER” subjects (about 800 square feet) featured our web show “Tiny Yellow House” (2 or so shoots are scheduled for mid-april (once honcho Steven Sherrick is back from shoots/work in LA, and Vegas)….and don’t worry, we’ll featured some ULTRA-Small n; bizarre stuff too! (Again, as we’re gettin’ a TON(!) of views on Episode #1, anyone interesting in sponsoring the series, email me at

"The vaulted living room ceiling- all VT white cedar- that Dustin and I slapped up to cover the old horrendous ceiling work"

My brother Dustin, and his wife Dawn Diedricksen, alongside help from myself, have put a TON of time into fixin’ up this little cottage in Scituate, MA- and the work is really starting to show (esp. as compared to how rough the place originally was).

"Their approx-70 square foot guest/2nd bedroom- a bed, closet, and built in shelves- what more do you need? The bed was custom built by the two, and flips open for a TON of storage."

Somewhat recently, Dustin and I blew out a wall that formerly divided the rear (of two) bedroom from the main wide-hall, or living area. The result was a much more spacious looking home, and a re-established living room locale that faced their tiny Jotul woodstove- the centerpiece of the home. The two have since relocated their “bedroom” or sleeping quarters to the upstairs mini-loft. The loft is about 5.5 feet of “standing room”, which is accessed by a small staircase/ladder that Dustin and I built to replace an old rickety, unsafe, ugly ladder made of 2by4’s. The loft also has a window to the outside for ventilation, and Dustin later installed a wooden-framed window-like opening (photo is up above) that peers down into the living room (A nod to the tiny Angland Cottage in Belgrade, Maine that we used to visit as kids).

Entry view towards the relocated living room in the rear. Dawn Diedricksen did a great job with the home's color scheme, which lends to its cozy, "cottagey" feel.

And before I blow all the info here in text, as  we’ve yet to shoot the place for an upcoming edition of “Tiny Yellow House”- the one thing I love about Dustin and Dawn’s place, is that a huge portion of the furnishings were scavenged, hand me downs, and/or bought second hand for VERY little money- and you’d never know it. The duo certainly has a good eye for freebie-finds, and isn’t afraid to use a little elbow grease to bring out the potential in otherwise passed-over items. One example- is this former kitchen or storage cabinet, that they set on the ground, and use as extra makeshift seating instead! So simple, yet effective.

"More than meets the eye: This extra seating arrangement is actually a kitchen cabinet!"

Again, we’ll be featuring their little home in subsequent editions of “Tiny Yellow House” on, and elsewhere, so be on the lookout! If you’re a fan of multi-purpose, tiny house built-ins, you won’t want to miss this one.



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I’m pleased to have found your blog and have added it to my favorites. Loved the hickshaw and the first episode of Tiny Yellow House. Keep up the good work and creativity!

Comment by Lisa

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