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THANK YOU! Episode #1 of TINY YELLOW HOUSE has launched! Future Episodes/Sponsors,etc…
March 5, 2010, 11:11 am
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PS (the structure featured (“The Hickshaw”) is most likely for sale– as I’d love to build another and don’t need two- so email me with any offers/interest). It’ll fit in ANY truck bed- well, maybe not a “Brat” or “El Camino”….also, my yard’s chock fulla projects, so it would thrill my wife if I got rid of the thing…

As for the meat of the blogging matter: After much planning (and building), episode #1 of my online “tv” show “Tiny Yellow House” has launched and is up and running on youtube. The response has been far greater than I had imagined, and in just over 36 hours alone, we’ve had OVER 1800 views of the show! Hits on this site here were off the charts too (at least for me/this little blog) at close to TWO THOUSAND views in one single day. So Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve had a number of really cool/helpful people and sites support the show already- and I’ll further list and link you all soon in another entry (Michael Janzen, Kent Griswold, Alex Pino, Gregory Johnson…).

More episodes (again, with STEVEN SHERRICK of Obscure Knowledge Productions -the guy’s THE BEST!) are in the planning phases, one of which will be on some of the interesting architecture and houses in the seaside town of Scituate, MA– as well as an episode on my “Gypsy Junker” Cabin (built of 90% JUNK from curb-collectin’!).

     We’ll also shoot my brother’s home- an 800 square foot “fixer-upper” that him, his wife, and I have worked a good deal on…..I’ll post more blog photos on it soon, but its an ultra-cozy and minimal house that I feel people would really dig. Photos coming soon- but here’s one shot of the interior.

"Dustin n' Dawn Diedricksen's Seaside Home in MA- MUCH more coming soon!"

Also- I’m hoping to pitch Narragansett Beer (outta RI) to back/sponsor some upcoming episodes, as these short videos do end up costing a bit to make (not to mention TONS of time), and since I drink their beer anyway and have worked with them in the past with my band ( why not? On the otherhand, with TONS of views, if any of you readers are interested in affordably backing/sponsoring the show, email me at– any show ideas (houses local to the MA area- would be appreciated too!).

Thanks for your time/support/toleration!



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