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Photos of my multi-purpose “HICKSHAW” (a Rickshaw for HICKS!)…
March 1, 2010, 11:39 am
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 “Getaway Mini-cabin built for under $200 (and that includes ALL shown in the photo (wine, book, candle, tuftex roofing, my pants, socks…)” *Human Legs NOT included….I’d like to keep those….

"The Zsa-Zsa-Gabor-esque, Luxurious Interior: Ideally, the low-end window should face a campfire, waterview, or beach full of attractive women...

Here’s a shot of a mini-cabin almost completed (and using a good deal of bargain and/or recycled materials. The sturcture is based off a design in my d.i.y. book (left hand column of this blog). It was built  atop an old cedar deck recliner from the dump, utilizes two storm windows from a dumpster, mill-extras flooring, etc. Almost all of this cabin is made from sustainably grown Vermont White Cedar (so it smells great) and its 14-15 square feet and quintuples as a greenhouse/mini-shed/single sleeper/sauna/mini-office and/or reading “nest”. It could EASILY be converted into a funky/cool chicken coop as well- or without the wheels, and ice-fishing shanty. You additionally could hoist this lightweight shack up into a tree platform, for some aerial, treehouse/treefort sleeping.
    As of now, I’m thinking of selling this (it only cost $200 to build, but took an INSANE amount of scavenging and work/time/labor to build for something so small). It will come “fully furnished”- lol- human legs NOT included. I’ve also yet to install a mini solar light/switch system, and the “Hickshaw” does have a recycled-vinyl fence post gutter set-up for rain collection, so its rainbarrel ready!

Exterior shot of "The Hickshaw"- after a Feb. flurry here in MA.

I took a nap in this thing the other day- I’m 6′ 4″ and had no problem with room. Its very cozy too- and really connects you, view-wise, with the outdoors. The low-end window was strategically built for continued campfire viewing, even after retreating inside the shelter for the night. There’s also a small book shelf inside, a tiny single-coffee-mug shelf by the side window, and a hanging lantern and bracket by the main door (otherside- not shown).

You could easily transport this for camping, or whatever use in the bed of almost ANY model pick-up truck, and by its fulcrum balance positioning, I can lift up the handled end of the entire cabin with ONE FINGER!

Sale Price: 3 Trillion Yen! No, I’d have to figure something out- or offers are welcome….



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Sweet jesus that thing is cool! Great idea. Keep up the good work. I always look forward to your blog updates. Can you include a pic of the door side? I would buy this thing if I were local. How much to ship it to Manitoba? Would it be big engough to store a prized moped during the brutal winters up here?

Comment by Dagney Mumu

Dude,this thing is a whole lot like a project I’ve been planing my wife calls it the coffin,,,I was thinking something like micro pod,,think teardrop trailer ,sans kitchen ,setup as a pushcart ,with 4 wheels because of weight ,,, what does yours weigh ,,,2 wheels would be so much simpler,,yours is beautiful ,,,keep diving

Comment by Russ

too funny- I have a similar-ish design in my book (which also has “the hickshaw”) which is literally named “The Coffin”- lol- I guess its just a common, fitting name. Thanks for checkin’ in Russ….

Comment by relaxshax

Hey Deek,

Could you throw up the dimensions of the hickshaw?


P.S. Love the book!

Comment by Scott

Hey- will try to measure some soon- base-wise, its more or less, just under 7 feet wide, and about 30″ wide on the interior- it was all built on the fly- without much measuring….

Comment by relaxshax

Wouldn’t it make better sense to have the large end be the window side? I mean if you had a rain bucket setup it would be on the far side away from say a fire pit, also you could have a bigger window .

Comment by Mj

no necessarily sure it would make it better, as it would make the thing even less private. But, more so, I simply built it out of what materials I did have- and in the case of windows, coming by 6 foot high free ones, is kinda tough….All in all, it was pretty much a blue-print-less mini-cabin built on the fly. As for ANY design alterations- there’s always next time…
thanks for the feedback.

Comment by relaxshax

Hey Deek, I just watched your “episode one” video on YouTube (linked from the Tiny Houses email.) SWEET! I really liked seeing the Hickshaw up close and personal and getting to see and hear you in action. Your “neighbor” at the end was a great bonus.

Keep making videos on your cabins/shacks/coffins/compost bins. They’re great. The vids are also a wonderful way to promote sales of your book. You could also do a couple of episodes on your philosophy of scrounging and living simply. That’s a gospel that people need to hear more about.

Again, great job on the video! The Hickshaw rocks!

Comment by Rick

Love good music

Comment by James

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