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WOODSTOVE APPLES- for all you scrimpers, homesteaders, and cabin dwellers!
February 24, 2010, 3:48 pm
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"How's THEM 'Wapples'?" Woodstove-Dried Apples In the Works....

There are a few variations of making these dehydrated woodstove apple chips/chunks. My three year old loves ’em and calls them “Woodstove Apples”- (“Wapples”- would be the newly invented slang terms I suppose) and he really gets involved/enthused’ when making them. I’m going to add some camp-recipes such as this to my later-updated editions of the book “Humble Homes…”. As always, scroll down for ordering info…

Anyway, It couldn’t be more simple and its a means to use your not-so-prime fruit. In my case, I buy the bulk-packaged oldish apples in the back of the supermarket. The total of what you seen in the photo (minus two apples I saved for “ghetto/campfire apple pie” (that’s for another time)) cost me a whoppin’ $2.40 (about 10 apples total). The end result will make a good quart or so of apple chips-which are REAL good (and not as bad for you as, say, pork rinds!). If you have your own apples trees on the other hand, you’re a step up on the rest of us.


Just cut the apples into thin slices, toss them in a large zip-lock or container, seal after adding lemon juice (fresh or from a bottle (the acid helps keep the apples from oxidizing/browning) and gives them a great flavor)), shake, and then lay them on a drying screen suspended over a woodstove. Also, in a pinch, you can use lemon-lime sodas like Sprite as well….or I’m sure orange and lime juice would work great too!

My curbside drying-rack acquisition.....If the original owner only knew their one-time storm window was now being used to COOK APPLES...

THE DRYING RACK: In my case, this is a dumpster-salvaged storm window screen (the panes went into the construction of my ultra-mini book-reader’s cabin (comin’ soon- or scroll down to “the coccoon entry”) sitting atop my “woodstove alcatraz”- a homemade rig I built around the stove to keep my two young kids safe/uncharred.

NOTE: With aluminum screens (windows/doors, etc), since its a metal not so, er, “healthful” to humans, the fruit to metal contact is elimated by laying your fruit on top of a few dishtowels- which still allow the rising heat to pass through and slowly dry out the apples.

After a few fires, or days, BAM!- its “Wapples” for all!

Pears work great too, and I’m sure many other fruits would be fine as well. Any ideas, and/or added advice and recommendations, PLEASE let me know.

‘Til next time, I’ll be munchin’, readin’ some of YOUR sites, and sippin’ some of my homemade dandelion wine that I made a few seasons back.



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Instead of lemon juice or soda — use pineapple juice — it’s sweeter than lemon — and healthier than soda. I get the little one-serving cans and keep them on hand to add to fruit whenever I need an “acid” to keep it from darkening. Also — if you have some left-over after opening a can and using what you need — you can add a shot of good rum to it and toss it back.

Comment by Marti

excellent idea- and I happen to have a quart can of leftover pineapple juice in my fridge right now, sittin’ there and doin’ nothing. I will certainly try it, and it makes perfect sense! Thanks Marti!

Comment by relaxshax

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