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February 23, 2010, 11:41 am
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"A Shack in a Snowstorm (in the Author's MA Hometown)"

      I’ve been meaning to photograph this little shack in my own Massachusetts town for awhile, and during a recent snowstorm, I finally had to get my arse out of the car to do so (and for once happened to have my camera!). Its a hokey little shack, but one with a ton of character. Its photos and shanties like these that lead me to wonder what has transpired through the history of this little shed-house…. Who built it? Why? Was it lived in?

Its covered in tar-paper siding, and given the age/appearance of this shack, it looks as if its held up reasonably well for a long, long, time. Not the prettiest method- but cost-effective (a ways back I found a full roll of roofing paper that someone had left on the curb for trashday).

Also, my indie book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever Else We Could Squeeze In Here!)” by Tiny Yellow House Press, was just written up in “RENTED SPACES”. On this site’s right hand column, scroll ALL the way down for info on ordering.   Thanks to Katie McCaskey!

And a review/interview is coming soon from Alex Pino and his ultra-cool tiny housing/camping/trailering/living site

‘Til next time (I’ll be working on finishing up my mega-tiny, portable greenhouse/cabin/sauna/shed, so that I can film a youtube video for it this weekend (with Steve Sherrick of Obscure Knowledge Film/Productions- weather permitting). Details to follow…

And book orders… email me at for any other questions.



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Hey Deek thanks for mentioning me. Looking forward to putting something neat/creative together about your book and houses. Take care and have a good day!

Comment by Alex @TinyHouseTalk

I found you on tiny house blog, I’ve seen some of your book. You are a crazy creative guy! to bad you are married with children, I think I love you. Just kidding(mostly). I am inspired by your work, I have always wanted to build my own forts, tree houses and hobbit homes, but lack any knowledge of tool use, having been raised by a single mom in the city. Now I live in West Virginia in a small town, but have a big yard to build in, and some land outside of town to transport things to. Now if I could just learn how to use power tools! I’m already good at scavenging.
thanks for the inspiration, Liz.
PS. I’m also married, with children.

Comment by Elizabeth Goertz

(blush)- hey, thanks liz= appreciate it. Thanks for checkin’ out the video, etc. And best of luck with any of your future projects, etc- as for the skills/carpentry- its EASY, and simply comes with the acquisition of tools. I STILL have a TON to learn.

Comment by relaxshax

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