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HUMBLE HOMES….featured in Energy Bulletin
February 15, 2010, 5:34 pm
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(Ordering info is a ways below, since I’ve gotten SO many emails/questions…) AND- I’ll post some other stuff- REAL SOON as I don’t want these entries to simply be chock fulla’ lengthy blather about my book…(as the eyes of you readers already begin to droop….)

But…. so far, people have been SO positively receptive, to a book I was hesitant and nervous to put out there in the first place, that I’m already working on a tangent-follow-up book, and a mini-zine “TINY YELLOW HOUSE” (which I started long ago, but now feel inspired and compelled to complete). Additionally, I’ve almost repeatedly fallen over in excitement from support and positive reviews from the likes of all my small housing idols- Lloyd Kahn, David and Jeanie Stiles (buy ALL their books- amazing! Kahn’s too!), all-around great-guy and pallet-housing guru Michael Janzen, Gregory Johnson of the Small House Society(!) in Iowa, and from a large variety of blog-running people who have purchased my little hand assembled d.i.y. book. (I’ll eventually post some of the reviews and press reviews, have some radio appearances and print interviews on the horizon, AND am soon filming a short youtube video on my “Hickshaw”- a tiny-house rickshaw for hicks!- complete with stunts performed by myself!)

 I’ve also been lucky enough to have high-caliber people/authors such as Mimi Zeiger, express interest in seeing the book- flattering, whether she/they review it or not. (Her work’s great- check out and she authored the ultra-cool book “Tiny Houses”).


More recently- THANKS so much to Amanda Kovattana over at (A cool eco/organization site and she’s VERY talented) who reviewed the book both for her site and for Energy Bulletin. She also loved the “Inverted A-frame” design/illustrations in my book, and has been scheming for the possible future construction of it! If she follows through, I can’t wait to see it!

Her new review/article can be seen here:

Amanda, you rock with the power of 48 vikings! (A real good thing). And thanks to all of you who have been incredibly supportive so far!

-Deek (sitting in my basement, drinkin’ too much coffee)

And if you order the book- def. don’t hesitate to ask me to draw, write, sketch whatever inside the cover for you- I have a blast doin’ it).

Ordering INFO: 

$15.95 (Snail Mail- checks, mo’s, cash) to: DEREK DIEDRICKSEN, 31 BRADFORD STREET (913th Floor), STOUGHTON, MA 02072

Or– you can send a payment of $15.95 (plus an extra $1.00 to cover the fees they slap me with IF you’d be so kind! I won’t force you though…) to the account/id:

Any probs/questions- let me know (….and keep scr0llin’ down for the new Jay Shafer comic (for The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company) and more, that I’ve recently added.


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Hey I found it – thanks! $$$ on the way…

Comment by Paula McConnell

Deke, I just want to say “thank you” for putting this book together. When it showed up at my office, I started reading it straight-through… losing most of my afternoon’s productivity!

Your ideas are inspired, fun and realistic to build. Your philosophy on scrounging and recycling are important for everyone–even those NOT interested in building a humble home or simple shack.

Reading your book is like a experiencing a hybrid love-child of Dan Beard’s old “Shelters, Shacks and Shanties”, D. Price’s “Radical Simplicity” and “Where’s Waldo?” In other words, interesting and really fun.

For a critique, I feel that some of your illustrations and handwriting were done so fast that they are kind of sloppy. The book could be easier to read with cleaner handwriting and more detailed illustrations, BUT that might take some of the energy away from the book… I really like the book, but I’m an art director… I’ve got to criticize SOMETHING!

Keep drawing, keep writing, keep getting the message out there. People need to relearn that they CAN design, they CAN build, they CAN live the life they want to live. You are a great example of that.


Comment by Rick

Hey- not insulted, and some of what you say certainly rings true- esp as early on some of the drawings included came from before the days when I decided to gun for a full book. All in all, the feel is supposed to be “the mad, secret, diary, of a small housing geek” I suppose. Thanks so much for the kind and honest words Rick- glad you liked the book!

Comment by relaxshax

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