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A LUSHcious Door Stopper- Simple/rustic FREE doorstopper for Oenophiles/Winos (for YOUR Cabin, or rustic small house/home)
February 14, 2010, 3:46 pm
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(’cause lets face it, those plastic door stoppers look like absolute crud! (not that mine will win any beauty contest in all fairness))

THIS IS AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS! Yet, its one of the most responded to redneck-thrift/construction/recycling tips (alongside the sandbox-water-collection unit, stereo-glass makeshift windows, redneck rainbarrels, and the plans for the “Inverted A-frame”) in my book “Humble Homes…”- which you can check out here….

"Yeah, pretty darn unprofound- but it works well and the price is right!" Design/concept by Derek Diedricksen

So here goes…. 
THE “LUSH”cious Door Stop…

Materials: One single wine cork, a 3 1/2 inch black dry wall screw (or something equivalent), and some polyurethane (although not necessary). You could also stain the corks to match your molding or woodwork if need be. Note: Cork or the synthetic “foam” corks will both work!
Construction Time: 1-2 min- seriously.

The origin: I’ve never seen someone make one of these before, as unprofound as they are, but when I was self-finishing my basement, I really couldn’t find any doorstoppers that I liked the look of, and that would fit the rustic look of my d.i.y. “cave”. Shortly after, while suckin’ down some cheap red vino one night and tossin’ the cork into a giant container I have (I save them all for some future/eventual art project (or to throw at select relatives when they visit), it came to me.

HOW: Just slowly center a drywall screw on the end of a cork, drill it in until the head “puckers” into the end of the cork (or you could pre drill and countersink), and that’s it.  The now protruding screw-head on the opposite end can thereby be further drilled into the wall/your baseboard. Not rocket science, but it makes for a cool, different, subtle conversation piece for those who notice. You could even go so far as to save a special occasion cork (say, the champagne cork from your wedding- or divorce-papers party- lol) and utilize it as a more meaningful doorstop- one with a great story behind it.

They look pretty decent. And the cost is almost ZERO (one single screw!). Not that other door stoppers cost much, but when you factor in the time, cash, and trip to go buy the other plastic/metal ones at a box store, it is a time saver- and gives a unique, earthy look. Warning: You just may get a rep as a drunk if you use too many of these throughout the house! 
I have one in my home, and plan to use them in a few of the cabins I’ve built and am building.

Next project- a particle accelerator, built out of discarded yarn and Twinkie wrappers….and a time machine built from scavenged spatulas…


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