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A Jay Shafer Tiny Tumbleweed House COMIC!?
February 8, 2010, 4:48 pm
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"Jay Shafer's Micro World"- a comic by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

     I have stacks of self-drawn comics and doodles strewn around my place, and fittingly, thought I’d post this one for the simple amusement of small-housing/small living fans and supporters. Jay Shafer runs (for those unaware) The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company, which produces and designs some GORGEOUS tiny homes- and sells their plans as well ( not that he NEEDS the link/hits- Jay’s been on Oprah!) . Never met the guy, but I cranked out this little one-panel comic a little ways back while watching some late-night Smurfs re-runs….and I have a few other TINY HOUSE COMICS in the works, or finished, that I’ll toss up here at some point. Thanks for lookin, and feel free to grab it for your sites/pass it on. I had a blast drawing it… and Jay, like Michael Janzen, Lloyd Kahn, David and Jeanie Stiles, Dan Price, and Lester Walker, was one of the inspirations behind my new indie, small housing book (scroll wayyyy below for details).


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