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Big Thanks To Lloyd Kahn n’ Michael Janzen- AND my fold-up SOLAR SHOWER
January 28, 2010, 4:59 pm
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A huge thanks to Lloyd Kahn, who posted a link to this blog and my brand new book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here)”.  The guy’s like the small-housing “Godfather”- minus all the whack’s n’ piano-wire stranglings, or course.

Also HUGE mega-thanks to Michael “Pallet-Man” Janzen of and (and 78.3 other assorted small living sites….

He JUST reviewed the book too- and a hugely flattering review at that….this guy’s a small-house saint! Look for a shrine to be built fo him one day- out of recycled fork-lift pallet wood, naturally. Check it out….(the review- he made my week!)

Both of these guys have posted links/features on my brand new book and have been incredibly supportive. LLoyd was one of the big inspirations behind my doing this book at all (I own four of his books), so stumbling upon his blog link/feature was incredibly thrilling. If you don’t own any of his housing books, you’re really missing out! I especially recommend “Homework”. One of the best I’ve EVER read- and WELL worth the price, as its loaded with hundreds of beautiful color photos. My copy’s been read so many times its falling apart.


"The portable/folding solar shower by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. Perfect for beach/seasonal houses and for sale (for 12,000 Yen! No, I'd work something out)...

 This solar shower design is in my new book, alongside a few other solar ideas and water storage creations….(click the far above book review link for info- or dig elsewhere (lower) on this blog for several illustrative peeks).

Anyway, here’s a color photo of the fold-up solar, recycled-water-jug, shower that I built last summer (one of two different-approach units that sit in my ever-crowded yard). A few people have emailed about it (for a clearer color photo (this design appears in my brand new book- again, see the other posts for info on THIS site/blog)), so here ya go.! The whole thing was made from on-hand, and some salvaged lumber, alongside some inexpensive box-store plumbing fittings, for about $15 or so. Its kick-stand leg folds outwards for support and stakes into the ground. Off season, the unit folds up, and is lightweight and easy to transport- mine sits in my shed. Its also for sale, to any interested (or closeby in MA)- pretty darn cheap, as I plan on making a bigger model soon. Also, if you build one, MAKE SURE to use FLAT black paint, and NOT glossy black paint, as the reflective qualities of the gloss, will reflect some of the sun’s heat AWAY from the water you intend on warming. Ultimately, as I used this shower many times this past summer, it makes for a single soakin’ of decent length, is refillable by a drilled, hose port (or could be rigged to a rain collection barrel), and certainly does the trick for HOT water.

There’s nuthin’ quite like shower-singing (WITH a bathing suit on, don’t worry…) in the front of my suburban yard, as pedestrians pass, wondering if I’ve lost my mind. One of my later projects is for a simple, wooden privacy screen- also sketched out in my book.



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