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How’s THIS for a tiny porta-cabin! (“The Wooden Cocoon”) aka Cocoon III- no accos. with Ron Howard’s old folks flick!
January 25, 2010, 5:08 pm
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(based on one of the drawings/designs from my book- link below)

     Here’s what I’m currently working on, although I’m hesitant to post on it until I get some REAL, decent photos,  as this single pic does this tiny mobile, multi-use, shack little justice. I will post updates soon, as the construction of the “Wooden Cocoon” is nearing completion. I am splitting my time between another mobile unit in my yard, and my own Vermont Cabin, so gimme a little time/cut me some slack.

AND Yeah, my small shack/fort/house/shanty book is now out- with 2 brand new added cabin designs. Here’s the link- its all d.i.y., so if interested, thanks in advance for the support!

The ultra-tiny "Wooden Cocoon"- 14 square feet with standing room (for some, Sorry Shaq) on one end.

It was designed to be multi-faceted in that it can work as a reading retreat, a single “cabin” sleeper, a portable structure for concert festivals (Burning Man, etc), an ice-fishing shack, storage shed, a greenhouse, and/or a hot-rocks sauna.

Built (its base) from a discarded cedar deck-lounge chair (reinforced a little- and FREE- Thanks Scituate, MA Transfer Station!), this cabin is made from a good deal of recycled wood and cedar mill extras. It will eventually be outfitted with a solar light (from a junked kit I rewired), a few bookshelves, and will be absolutely filled with stray throw-pillows to aid in its nest or cocoon-like feel within. It also wheels around, wheel-barrow style, and is so positioned and balanced over its fulcrum that it can be lifted on its end by one arm. ]

The structure is so light that I’ve considered sitting it up on a platform in a tree….making it a cool little pre-fab treefort/treehouse.

I will post some more photos or its completion REAL SOON….thanks for looking. This cabin, might eventually be for sale, all depending (on my wife wanting to KILL me for continually filling my backyard with Sanford N’ Son like contraptions and projects). Its ALL cedar, by the way. And EASILY fits in a truck bed.

Email me with any comment/questions/queries about my book, etc- at

AND BIG THANKS to MICHAEL JANZEN for the post on my book and other-cabin updates-

-derek “deek” diedricksen


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Very cool idea! Can’t wait to see more when you get around to it.

Kind of thought about the same thing once after seeing a movable chicken coop shaped like a ranch house.

Comment by Rickles

yeah, its no “brain-bending” idea, but it works out well enough- and I have a few other slight/vast variations of the idea in the book. Thanks for the feedback Rickles.

Comment by relaxshax

I think your idea is great.I’m a single mom.My kids are getting older with their own lives and asked me what I am going to do when they are gone and I’m by myself.I flipped a coin it pointed to Blanca Colorado.I purchased 5 acres flat land.I bought a 1971 chevy purple scoobydoo van.Soon I will be on my way.I wanted something up on legs due to the reservoir being near by plus all the scary animals and one wild fuzzy wild donkey.I need something for teenagers that is easy cheap ect.I need something for myself I can have a place to do dishes at least out of a pan hee hee and a place to sleep.I can build a small outhouse ect.I need an area for a shower then I’m good to go.I looked at the woodstove cookstove with hot water tank ect now I just need a place to hook up the fridge on propane or solar then use the van to hall my water or whatever till I can start a well.I look forward to this experiance.I have all the time in the world I guess due to the fact I’m single and no social life I have no tv I just read books and think of new weird things to do.I think your idea is awsome.I wish I had one like a tree fort.dont forget a cool lookout tower with a getaway zipline and hidden gettaway doors.I have always wanted that hee hee.Keep in mind your ideas help others thanks for sharing. Cheryl

Comment by Cheryl Laub

It looks like a coffin with windows. 🙂

Comment by cabinguy

yeah- pretty much- and one of my designs in my book is actually titled “The Coffin”- so whether you’re being facicious or not, you pretty much nailed it….no offense taken here….lol….

Comment by relaxshax

Yo, Deek!

I’m watching a nature show on TV called “Wolverine Revealed” right now. This guy observes wolverines in their natural habitat (from a safe distance, of course) inside a little shack that he’s built out of scraps n’ stuff.

I thought of your cool shacks, and thought, “Hey, there’s another use for one of Deek’s small shelters: safely observing dangerous wildlife!” 😉

Comment by fanstardotorg

too funny….

Like a redneck bird-blind/fort combo…

Comment by relaxshax

Except, your shack is way cooler than his. LOL

Comment by fanstardotorg

Certainly no offence intended – you’ve got a great blog, keep it up.

Comment by cabinguy

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